Poetry Performances For All Ages

Doctor T performs in a captivating way that rivets attention while reading samples of his work. The audience soaks in the cadence from hearing a range of poetic forms covering a wide range of themes and topics formats.  For children, poems could include nature, school, and themes appropriate for their level while for older populations poems may relate to memories, life-stages, and transformation. While listening to these works, the audience may recall memories evoked by the images shared, stimulating emotional connections.  The group then brainstorms around a specific theme and participants contribute ideas and options for use in the development of the Group Poem.  The creation of this new moment in time, told in rhyme caps the performance providing an experiential example of cooperation as a completed poem is produced.  One resident of a local retirement community said: “One of the most interesting and intellectually enjoyable activities since I’ve been here . . . he forces us to think.” 

Examples from Group Sessions

Wyomissing Public Library - Summer Program, Building a Better World, Group Poem Creation

Nice Mice

We are mice and we are nice.
We don’t pollute! Waste down the chute!
We are polite, day and night.
We save light, yes, that’s right.

We share cheese and we share peas.
We split our rice with hungry mice.
We wait our turn (that’s hard to learn).
We are mice and we are nice!

Country Meadows of Wyomissing

Changing Seasons

Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring.
Can’t wait to hear the robins sing!

See the budding of the trees,
Fragrant flowers and buzzing bees.

Birds are singing to each other,
Finding a mate to become a mother.

The sights, sounds, smells are 3 good reasons,
I’m thankful for the changing seasons!

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