A Twist of Hope: Rhymes of Healing, Caring, and Love - October 19, 2022

Nurture yourself with words of comfort and encouragement. This 200-page collection furthers personal growth and discovery in a life-enhancing way. Part I consists of 11 themed chapters, each ending with a set of writing prompts that can be used as springboards for deeper understanding. Insights about what’s going well, what needs attention, or what needs changing may awaken as you journey along in this book. The large-page format provides space to personalize the pieces in a way that works for you. Part II contains poems written by various groups during interactive performances. After listening to a mix of rhyming poetry, the group brainstormed on a theme and collaboratively, created a poem. These selections were written by children, teenagers, adults, and elders, providing insights into their wisdoms, understandings, and values, reflecting pieces of them, as artworks tend to do. These additional stories of hope, caring, and love, remind us we are all connected. This book makes a perfect gift for someone who needs a lift with affirmations to be remembered and shared.


Praise for A Twist of Hope (Available at Firefly Bookstore, Kutztown, PA, Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon):


“I wrote a book on invalidation. This is a book on validation. Contemplation of the good things in the world.”

-Best Selling Author of Nasty People, Dr. Jay Carter, 10/7/22.


“This is a brilliant collection of inspiring poems. In these difficult times I often find myself reading poems from the ‘dark side.’ This is the perfect antidote to The Wasteland. Uplifting, calming and fun. Put down your phone and news feed for a few minutes each day and read a couple of Dr Tietbohl’s poems. Highly recommended.”

-Peter Konzuk, MD, FRCSC, 11/6/22.


“At its best, poetry tells us what it means to be human. It tells us something about the eyes and heart of the poet and it tells us something about ourselves.  In “A Twist of Hope,” Dr. Phillip Tietbohl accomplishes all of these things and more. Like any good therapist he very gently and sometimes playfully makes eye contact with us and helps us connect with our shared humanity. Boy did I enjoy reading this book!”

-Daniel Gottlieb, PhD, Radio Host, Author, Public Speaker, and Psychotherapist, 11/25/22.


“This is more than a collection of poems! It is a heartwarming book of visual art, language that is playful and thoughtfully crafted, and examples of how poetry can bring people together. It’s a book that can be read cover to cover or that can be left on the table and picked up for a few minutes when you need to be transformed. Thank you!” 

-5.0 out of 5 stars, A beautiful anthology. Reviewed in the United States, Verified Purchase, “good for general knowledge,” 12/21/22.

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Sailing to Calencia: and Other Poems of Kindness, Understanding, and Love Paperback – August 23, 2019

Journey to an island in the Calencian Sea, where kindness, is the answer, creating what might be. A mini-series starts the book, a tale of exploration and discovery told in a direct, lively way. The words are descriptively transformative with bridges of understanding and acceptance percolating through. The other poems cover a range of themes and topics from the everyday questions that children pose about the world to ways you can dance for snow, rain, or to make the world a better place. Two adventure-ballads are tales of a father’s love that will delight and soothe on various levels. These tales of adventure will stimulate children’s imagination and curiosity, leading to shared, family memories of laughter and fun. 30 color illustrations/photographs with 5 black and white drawings; 51-pages.

Praise for Sailing to Calencia (Available a Firefly Bookstore, Kutztown, PA, Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon)

“Doctor T cleverly combines humor and puns that bring laughter and inspiration.”

-Joseph Amprey, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Kutztown University and Publisher of The Drum, a newspaper that provides African American news to Berks County, PA and Producer/Host of Diversity: The Wider Vision, a monthly program of Berks Community Television.


“Dad loved it.”

-Velma Charlene Evers-Kreel, who read the book in early 2020 to her father Charles Evers, first American of African descent since the Reconstruction Era, to be elected mayor of Fayette, Mississippi in 1969, and brother of Medgar Evers, slain Civil Rights Leader, assassinated in 1963 because someone hated him for the color of his skin.


“I love it. It’s gentle, whimsical, and profound all at once.”

-Kathleen Godwin, Local Actor and Theater Colleague.


“I read the “Sailing to Calencia” and it as if I took a beautiful fulfilling trip without having to pack.  It was a place of such peace and tranquility.  A place that I wished could exist in the here and now.  If I could imagine what heaven would be like this would be it . . . Your poems touched my heart, I loved them all so all I can say is Thank you ever so much and know I will pick up your poems often when I need to find a peaceful place.”

-Lyra Talarico, Local Activist for Democracy and Equal Rights.



A portion of proceeds from sales of Sailing to Calencia is donated to the NAACP.