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by Phillip Jeffrey Tietbohl, PhD, (Author) and Isabelle Grace Tietbohl (Illustrator) 
A portion of proceeds from sales of this book is donated to the NAACP.

Book Reviews/Comments:

“Doctor T cleverly combines humor and puns that bring laughter and inspiration,” said Joseph Amprey, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Kutztown University and Publisher of The Drum, a newspaper that provides African American news to Berks County, PA and Producer/Host of Diversity: The Wider Vision, a monthly program of Berks Community Television.

“Dad loved it,” said Velma Charlene Evers-Kreel, who read the book in early 2020 to her father Charles Evers, first American of African descent since the Reconstruction Era, to be elected mayor of Fayette, Mississippi in 1969, and brother of Medgar Evers, slain Civil Rights Leader, assassinated in 1963 because of the color of his skin.

“I love it.  It’s gentle, whimsical, and profound all at once,” said Kathleen Godwin, Local Actor and Theater Colleague.

“I read the “Sailing to Calencia” and it as if I took a beautiful fulfilling trip without having to pack.  It was a place of such peace and tranquility.  A place that I wished could exist in the hear and now.  If I could imagine what heaven would be like this would be it . . . Your poems touched my heart, I loved them all so all I can say is Thank you ever so much and know I will pick up your poems often when I need to find a peaceful place,” said Lyra Talarico, Local Activist for Democracy and Equal Rights.