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Book Me for Your Organization or Event:  Listening – Learning – Laughing – Doing.

This tag line captures what transpires when Doctor T performs.  Part of the time is spent listening to him read poetry, part of the time brainstorming ideas for a new poem, and contributing to the creation of a Group Poem, with laughter and learning along the way.  He creates and delivers custom performances including educative, clinically-based interactive trainings or entertainment focused performances and both are described more fully below and in their respective links.


Therapeutic Poetry - Clinical Trainings

Poetry serves an important purpose in a range of clinical settings and a poem can expand understanding, convey unexpressed emotions, or create a mnemonic for growth and healing.  From listening to poems to assisting in the creation of a Group Poem, you will experience an informative, educational and interactive moment in time as you discover the history, mystery and inherent value of rhyme and the relevance this has for your work.  Dr. T performs in a captivating way that rivets attention as he shares practical suggestions and tips learned from 25+ years of clinical work in a wide range of settings and how poetry can be used along the way.


Poetry Performances For All Ages

Whether to a group of preschoolers, teenagers, or adults, Dr. T delivers interactive, educationally entertaining performances that help stimulate creativity while validating the effort required to create something new.  By reading samples from his collection of work, the audience is primed for a range of poetic cadences and rhythms (ballad, couplet, light verse, limerick, etc.).  By sharing the genesis for some of the work, participants learn how everyday encounters and happenings can be transformed into a picture of words that captures an aspect of the world we live in with a Written-Photograph. The need to read, revise, and edit to make poems that work will be emphasized. The creation of a Group Poem through audience participation caps the performance and provides an experiential example of how a poem comes to life.