Dr. Tietbohl is an international poet-performer who entertains those he meets along the way with the aim to brighten their day.  He delivers interactive, poetry performances for all ages in libraries, schools, nursing homes, and clinical trainings for professionals with the creation of a group poem a key part of each event, resulting in a new moment in time, told in rhyme.  With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from UVA, Dr. Tietbohl is a problem solver, from Bio-Systems Engineer on a Flying Eye Hospital to Licensed Psychologist, helping clients reach their potential to crafting custom poems resulting from chance encounters.  His poetry has transformative aspects that reflect positive, therapeutic themes and approaches and his work has appeared in an anthology, magazines, newspapers, and many locally, self-published books and booklets.  When not penning poems or performing, he is baking bread, fascinated by everyday encounters with nature, taking short hikes, and laughing and sharing time with family and friends.



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A stimulating and interactive program that entertains while fostering cooperation, kindness, and understanding celebrating the magic and power of words.



Doctor T performs in a captivating way that rivets attention while reading samples of his work, covering a range of content, styles, and formats.  The audience soaks in the cadence as they hear tales of curiosity, hope, togetherness and awe of nature.  The group then brainstorms around a specific theme and participants percolate on possibilities and contribute ideas for use in the development of a Group Poem.  The creation of this new moment in time, told in rhyme, caps the performance providing an experiential example of cooperation and the completion of a new, piece of art. 



As a Licensed Psychologist since 1995, listening to people’s experiences has been a key part of his work and his talks directly and indirectly reflect therapeutic aspects.  Over 95 Poetry Performances for adults and children.  Publication credits include a poem in Hanukkah Lights, Holiday Poetry, An I Can Read Book, HarperCollins, Publishing, Edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, 2004; two poems in Spider Magazine, November 2007 and Ladybug Magazine, May 2002; five poems, SCBWI, Eastern PA Chapter, Penn & Ink Newsletter, 2001-03; locally-printed work includes a middle-grade novel, The Monster Within, a variety of rhyming coloring books and a poetry anthology, I Write Books and Other Tales, 2018.



PhD, 1994 in Clinical Psychology, UVA; MEd, 1990 in Education/School Psychology, UVA; BS, Mechanical Engineering, MIT, 1984. Worked and traveled in over 35 Countries, 5 Continents; speaks German; some Spanish.  Greetings in a number of other languages; various stage productions. Married, 4 children.


Listening – Learning – Laughing – Doing