Clinical Work History

Dr. Tietbohl has been a life-long poet and in clinical practice since September 1994; he has worked in a variety of settings including Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services for Children and Adolescents, Correctional Facilities, Schools, Clinic Offices, and Foster Care agencies. Currently, he engages clients in outpatient therapy at Shoudt & Reilly Therapy Services in Birdsboro, PA ( helping growth unfold. He has conducted comprehensive psychological evaluations in clinical, educational, forensic, and adolescent settings. For 20 years, he worked at the Reading Hospital and Medical, Center for Mental Health, conducting outpatient psychotherapy, evaluating juveniles involved in juvenile probation, and was a Clinical Supervisor for their APA Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship Program (19 years) leading a Diagnostic Supervision Seminar for 17 years. A key aspect of his work with the interns was helping them hone and refine their assessment abilities, with emphasis on the Rorschach, Intelligence, MMPI and other self-report personality measures and of the importance of a well-written report. They were encouraged to be mindful of the words they chose to use in their reports to describe their findings in a way that conveyed meaning in a respectful, balanced way and this same process percolates into the poetry he creates. 

Dr. Tietbohl worked for 12-years in forensic psychology consulting to the Diagnostic Unit of a secure adolescent facility (1.5 years), conducting competency to stand trial, decertification, and NGRI/MSO for various defense attorneys (10 years). Since 1997, he has been evaluating and interviewing children and adolescents (over 6,000 psychological evaluations) for in-home therapy agencies and therapeutic foster care and crafted 6-10 page, strength-based, reports for each evaluation. While those reports are non-rhyming, the Conversations he has with the Children to obtain the data often contain rhyming snippets that may help them to relax during the process.

With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from MIT to a doctorate from University of Virginia in clinical psychology, Dr. Tietbohl has worked hard to produce an excellent product, whether engineering equipment in previous work, a clearly written, psychological report, or the creation of a Custom Poem for some he worked with or met along the way. He is skilled in presenting the findings from interviews and testing in ways that make sense to the reader, are courteous and respectful of the client while conveying and capturing key details and avoiding redundancy. He has performed numerous poetry presentations in variety of settings (libraries, schools, Safe Berks Shelter, Berks Elder Network, live on TV for Berks Boomers, and several nursing homes) nationally and internationally, and the creation of a Group Poem has been a key part of most of those performances.

Dr. Tietbohl led the Diagnostic Supervision Seminar, 1996-2015, Reading Hospital and Medical Center, Center for Mental Health, Reading, PA for their APA Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship Program (19 years); Individually met with interns in small-group format for 2 hours per week for 3 months, then 2 hours, every other week for 8 months, each internship year, presenting test data, reviewing scoring issues, interpretation, report writing and other aspects relevant for conducting psychological assessments and evaluations in a range of settings.

Adjunct Faculty for Alvernia University’s (Reading, PA) Master in Community Counseling Program; from 2012-2016, taught Human Development Across the Lifespan, MCC-510, semester long course, 6 times.

From 2011-2018, provided 4-8 hours per week of Consulting Psychology services to School-Based Behavioral Health Teams, providing direction to master degreed clinicians and mental health workers in four teams at elementary and middle schools in Pottsville and Minersville School Districts, Schuylkill County PA.

Licensed Psychologist - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, December 8, 1995 to present.