Clinical Session Testimonials

Thanks Phil-Found myself rhyming on the front steps of C building on my way out of your lecture: Is it raining pretty good? - “I’ll put up my hood!”

You did an outstanding and captivating job. After all these years working with you, I have a new-found admiration for your talents as a therapist, instructor and poet/author.

I gave talks to Reading Hospital last fall and Alvernia, April 2019 about the Hoarding Collection, a set of 6 poems about Hoarding. Example for hoarding clinicians:

My client was particularly struck by the line, “If I let go I’ll disappear.”  That gave us the opportunity to discuss her sense of self (or lack thereof), what she is beyond her things, and what would be left if she got rid of them.  Thanks for stimulating that helpful discussion!

In either case I showed them to a client, and she loved them.  She nodded her head throughout and said, “yup, yup, yup.”  Then when she was finished with them, she said about you, “He’s got it.”  She suggested I print them out and share them with all my hoarding clients.

I showed them to a client and she loved them.  She nodded her head throughout and suggested I share them with all my clients who hoard. 

Shared with local clinician, Polly Kahl, who works with clients with anxiety, trauma, and hoarding issues who used them in session with Client in her 50s, retired military, complex trauma, hoarding since childhood.


What were the program's strengths?

Dr T’s creativity enthusiasm for his topic and his clinical knowledge and skill. Thank you for asking Dr T to present.


Dr. T was very engaging and personable. It was easy to listen to him speak because he used his own experiences to validate the theory behind why poetry is useful for therapeutic services.


Dr. T's knowledge and sharing of his poems. Suggestions on ways to use in ongoing practice.


Dr. Tietbohl delivered a very active interesting and engaging presentation. Also it was fun and something I would like to utilize in evaluating and establishing rapport with a new client. It could also help in understanding a n individual.


Dr. Tietbohl was enthusiastic and sincere and shared ideas that have strong meaning for him.


In vivo poetry writing among audience members so we could see how this might be done among a group of participants helped a lot.


Authentic friendly style of the speaker-Phil-you are a natural at this! 


The presenter extended himself in such a way to allow the audience to really encounter how he thinks and how he works. This takes a lot of courage and makes for a rich experience! That and "he forces us to think."


The speaker's examples of the use of poetry as a therapeutic tool and his passion for the subject.

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